Behind The Awkwardness: The Birds

March 21st, 2013

Behind The Awkwardness: The Birds - Pets

“This is a picture of my mom and a bird we had rescued from Six Flags when he was a baby and fell out of his nest. This was his first flight, and we were so proud of him for flying on his own outside. He suddenly flew onto my mom’s shoulder, and, as you can tell, she was not so pleased.”

(submitted by Julie)

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  1. JM says:

    My sister once saved a sparrow who was stuck in our air conditioner. After the bird learned to fly, we tried to release him. The bird stuck around our yard and flew down to your shoulder everytime you went outside. I can imagine the look on someone’s face if you dont expect it.. The wing feathers against your face and the sound is enough to scare anyone if you’re not use to it.

  2. LHJ says:

    Gotta love getting a message from someone saying that there is a picture of your mom on Awkward Family Photos! When my little sister found him (or her…), he had absolutely no feathers , was sitting on concrete in the middle of summer, and small children were literally kicking him around while their parents laughed. This was not one of those instances where you could leave him behind. He was the coolest summer project! (and we got this picture out of it, too!)

    • Natalie says:

      Hi LHJ,
      What a kind gesture from you and your family. Terrible to read however what some were doing to him before you rescued this little fellow! Congratulations! Natalie

  3. GW says:

    LOL, that’s great! Incidently, it’s not unusual for baby birds to be down on the ground, but continue to be fed by their parents. Just because they’re out of the nest doesn’t mean that they are abandoned. If the chick had feathers, it might have been fledging, anyway.

  4. Jonelle says:

    Looks like a baby Robin to me… Maybe it heard a worn in your Mom’s shoulder??

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