Heaven Help Me

April 1st, 2013

Heaven Help Me - Wedding

There is nothing to be stressed out about.

(submitted by Tamlyn)

12 Responses to “Heaven Help Me”

  1. Meadow says:

    Looks like Dad goosed her!

  2. liz says:

    obviously her first wedding. by the time my third one happened, i was passing around a bottle of vodka and EVERYONE was chillaxed and smiling ear to ear! ;P ….and then we had plenty of wine at the reception.

  3. Darcey says:

    Rodney Dangerfield.

  4. Lydia says:

    This actually makes me feel better. I have a picture from my wedding, just before walking down the aisle where I look like I’m about to vomit. My did is smiling nice, but my mom looking at me with this weird smirk on her face. I don’t know what she was thinking, but I was thinking of all the ways I could possibly screw things up…like tripping or setting the church on fire. I’m not exactly the most graceful person.

  5. Prechrchet says:

    I’m with Mindy on this one: Dad just told a stinker, and Mom does not approve, while daughter is trying to wrap her brain around what her Dad just said.

  6. Erin says:

    I love this one! The whole family dynamic during wedding planning is soooo captured in this pic.

  7. BeagUan says:

    Their expressions are so ridiculous, I thought it was staged.

  8. Minda says:

    I’m guessing Dad there just told an inappropriate “joke” that the bride doesn’t know what to think of and Mom is trying not to kill him over. Ah, the joy of family!

  9. Rita says:

    Mother seems to be concerned with daughter look of “deer caught in the headlights” look and her dad finds it amusing. LoL

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