April 15th, 2013

Chairwoman - Solo Shots

We dare you to try it.

(submitted by Cliff)

22 Responses to “Chairwoman”

  1. REAPER509 says:

    Go home chair, you’re drunk.

  2. MrWareWolf says:

    Plot twist: she’s actually levitating, and not making contact with the chair!

  3. Christine M says:

    It looks like she tackled it.

  4. Heather M says:

    I feel as though she was maybe a dancer (outfit, lack of shoes) and maybe they wanted to incorporate one of her routines? Even if this was the case, maybe a different background?? I don’t know, it didn’t work…it just didn’t work

  5. Dream walker says:

    …even she seems confused by this pose

  6. MC says:

    You can almost hear the photographer – ‘I’ve got this really cool idea I’ve been wanting to try with a chair. What do you think? Wanna give it a try?’

  7. joey says:

    Holy chairs batman its a magic trick

  8. smartypants says:

    She sure showed that chair who’s boss.

  9. KC says:

    Standard Sears Portrait Hell pose. We were actually encouraged to do this. Another favorite was turning the chair, sitting on the floor behind it, and putting the arms on the edge. Really??

    No wonder they went bust.

  10. Max says:


    You clearly do not sit in a chair this way, this photograph was staged

    1/10 made me reply

  11. Suki says:

    you should see how she sits on the couch

  12. Bry says:

    “I fell…”

  13. colmanstephenson says:

    Photo by M.C. Escher

  14. Jilly says:

    My brother and his fiance just took their engagement pictures and the photographer wanted to do the same thing. It looked just as odd as this picture. “Oh this is how you sit in a chair!?”

  15. Tim R says:

    Sitting: You’re doing it wrong.

  16. VelmaDinkley says:

    Chair to be different?

  17. Sam Maloney says:

    Clearly flunked ‘Chairs 101’

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