Tiny Dancer

April 19th, 2013

Tiny Dancer - Mom

She was really hoping her baby would come out dancing-shoes first.

(submitted by Andina)

16 Responses to “Tiny Dancer”

  1. rachael says:

    She’s really not even pregnant

  2. Tabitha says:

    You almost had it.

  3. MotherEarth88 says:

    Can. Not. Un-see.

  4. hummingbu says:


  5. SloopyNC says:


  6. Tessa says:

    This has wtf written all over it. Least sensical picture ever.

  7. Ebberz says:

    …Looks like she’s giving birth to a ballerina…

  8. Chris g says:

    I will never understand:

    1. Why pregnant women feel the need to pose for novelty photos

    2. Where they come up with the concepts for these photos

    3. What photographer would agree to add these to his/her portfolio

    Why turn something beautiful into something goofy and bizarre?

  9. Mike says:

    Hold me closer tiny dancer

  10. Henson says:

    She’s already planning to be a stage mom.

  11. A D Fogg says:


  12. neal says:

    I like it except for the legs. I can’t figure out what that’s supposed to be about.

  13. Sniizy says:

    This pictures gives me the creeps.

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