The Incredible Hulk

June 1st, 2013

The Incredible Hulk - Behind The Awkwardness

“My cousins got together for a Christmas family photo. Everyone was asked to wear their best outfit. Needless to say, it was open to interpretation for one of my cousins.”

(submitted by Victor)

12 Responses to “The Incredible Hulk”

  1. Caroline says:

    OH.EMM.GEE….! Love it! Thanks for the best guffaw I’ve had in a long time!

  2. Heather says:

    I bet the “hulk” cousin is the funnest guy in the family, though. Just looks like you can really party with this guy! Although I’m sure that’s not the message your family was trying to convey at this sitting. haha.

  3. justin says:

    I think what really makes it is his sweet mullet. Dude has style.

  4. The Arquette Sisters says:


  5. Linda says:

    I’m sure the other family members were thrilled when he showed up wearing that monstrosity for the family pic 😀

  6. m0n0lyth says:

    Whats great is the reflection of the person taking a picture of a picture. Classic!

  7. Gertie says:

    Aw, come on, you know the Hulk shirt is awesome and adds that something extra special to this group picture!

  8. Tim says:

    It was then, mere seconds following a singular attempt at a warm, concerted family photo, that baby Sarah allowed her gaze to meander a slight too far to her left.

    Uncle Phil, attempting to console his now bellowing niece, chimed in that even the anathema of a “blue Hulk” wasn’t enough to warrant such virulent, over-exaggerated outcry.

    Baby Sarah remained unconvinced.

  9. Pat K says:

    I love it!

  10. Paul says:

    Hulk smash! Hulk smash picture!

  11. Adele says:

    I love how the Hulk’s face is right next to the baby’s face… like the shirt is another family member. 🙂

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