The Gnome Game

June 15th, 2013

The Gnome Game - Uncles, Aunts, & Cousins

Uncle Gary is really into gardening.

(submitted by Michelle)

20 Responses to “The Gnome Game”

  1. chakolit says:

    Its the gnome guy from Fable III IRL. Must be where they got the inspiration from.

  2. amber says:

    whether at work or on tour with the band, these gnomes never roam alone

  3. Gretchen says:

    I think I am in love.

  4. lady meow says:

    “Oh, you know. Just hangin’ with my gnomies”

  5. Kimberly says:


  6. Jennifer says:

    This is the most awesome thing in the history of all things awesome

  7. MFS says:

    Where does one get an entire gnome orchestra, and can we fit so many magical musicians into my daughter’s Freshman year college dorm room? If nothing else, we need the gnome playing the concertina.

  8. Ann says:

    Maybe it’s a reference to Fable 3…?

  9. Elizabeth says:

    “Be It Ever so humble, there’s no place like…..”

  10. Amanda says:

    Wrong title, should be: Game of Gnomes

    And he’s dedicated to the realism of his scene. He’s got lots of duplicates so he has lots of musicians for his orchestra.

  11. Flyte Dragoon says:

    Wow. I did not know that you could buy a gnome that large . . . wait-a-minute . . . that’s not a gnome!

  12. Madamegato says:

    Okay, I think it’s actually hilarious how he’s the huge one playing the triangle. XD

  13. Joaniebaloney83 says:

    Lawn gnomes are creepy enough, without the idea of a six foot tall one! Geez Louise!

  14. Gretchen says:

    Awwwww…. I think he’s cute!! Dead-ringer for a garden gnome, that’s for sure.

  15. markus says:

    That picture would only be half as awkward if there wasn’t his smile

  16. DarcySings says:

    Gnome, gnome on the range….

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