June 21st, 2013

Gamers - Roller Coaster

Just because you’re on a flume doesn’t mean you can’t find time to do other things.

(submitted by Jason)

7 Responses to “Gamers”

  1. eeyore19 says:

    My wife just figured it out. Splash Mountain was shut down for a while in 2011 and it looks like there’s no water in this picture at all. So most likely this is Disney employees (or “cast members” as they prefer to be called) goofing off during the down time.

  2. Mike H says:

    It is very cool, but what would they be using as a power supply?

  3. Classic Steve says:

    What better place to have a…Smash?

  4. Tim says:

    It may not be awkward but it is awesome. Glad it was posted.

  5. thePenciler says:

    That’s actually very awesome. I wonder what happened when they hit the bend. Poor TV.

    Now you’re playing with POWER!

  6. Crystal says:

    Obviously the GameCube was much easier to keep track of at Disney than their GBAs would have been.

  7. JM says:

    I submit there is NOTHING awkward about that photo, and I doubt all those guys are family.

    I also submit that might be the coolest roller coaster picture ever taken!

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