Target Practice

July 1st, 2013

Target Practice - Pregnancy

Yep, that should cancel the noise.

(submitted by Melanie)

7 Responses to “Target Practice”

  1. Mike says:

    It’s that big gun that got you in that position in the first place.

  2. Tim R says:

    Points off for having her finger on the trigger. especially on a .500 Magnum.

  3. ginger says:

    …while some mothers treat their unborn babies to the sounds of Mozart

  4. Wes Harlan says:

    ‘You don’t always have to use protection.’

  5. Tim says:

    With that kind of thoughtful care I am sure the baby will be of high caliber.

  6. Minda says:

    Haha! I love the ones that seemingly intended to be awkward and/or ridiculous. Too funny.

  7. Al says:

    Maya Rudolph!!

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