Fruits Of Her Labor

July 2nd, 2013

Fruits Of Her Labor - July 4th

American ingenuity at work.

(submitted by Debbie)

14 Responses to “Fruits Of Her Labor”

  1. Diamond Dave says:

    Who wants to have some fun?!!!

  2. Elizabeth Cain says:

    oh my goodness, Deb, I had no idea that you posted this of Gram. I can say that I always looked forward to family gatherings because we never knew what she was going to do next. I wish we could find the pictures of her on Thanksgiving when she was cooking in roller skates and shorts in winter. It was always sooo much fun to go on family trips to Philly or New York.

  3. sal says:

    wow that’s hot

  4. Kristin says:

    Red Solo Cup, I fill you up, let’s have a party!

    Love the comments about Gramm – she sounds great!

  5. ana says:

    the flag in her head haahahahaha just EPIC

  6. Mike says:

    ME LIKEY!!

  7. MickieZ says:

    Hi, this is my Gramm too and If I remember correctly Gramm had us all wearing cup hats by the time we went to the park for the fireworks later that evening and we always clapped and ooohed and aaahed louder than anyone else at each firework that went up. She was and still is very patriotic. She has always been healthy as well and let us know when we weren’t looking so good for our ages too. This was around 1984 and she still looks the same to me.

  8. oh my goodness~~~ this is my grandmom! GRAMMM

  9. JimD says:

    Grandpa is VERY lucky… and for some reason always seems tired.

  10. Hexipooh says:

    You KNOW that was a great BBQ!

  11. Jessica K says:

    This woman is my hero. I want to be her when I grow up. I only wish I could be that comfy with my body. Go Gram!!

  12. mike says:

    omg I had no Idea my sister posted this. This is my Grammmmm. last time I saw her she just met my Wife for the first time and snapped her bra. I Love You Grammm!!!

  13. Laura says:

    WINNER!! And totally just because of the super innovative cup top hat with the flag sticking out. That’s the most patriotic fruit tray I have ever seen! Girl, you’re my hero! : )

  14. kevin O'Connor says:

    “How’s this for a pear?”….”I won’t ask if ya need a banana…”

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