Wedding Train

July 8th, 2013

Wedding Train - Wedding

It’s a little early do be doing the locomotion.

(submitted by Rivka)

11 Responses to “Wedding Train”

  1. jeff mcky says:

    All babes!

  2. Tom says:

    This is the most gorgeous bridal party ever… I want to see the rest of the wedding album!

  3. Darcie says:

    You’ve gotta have some Core Strength to do that pose for very long! Oh to be young!

  4. Minda says:

    It seems innocent enough…you do whatever the bride asks on her wedding day.
    But when the first instruction is, “Hike up your skirt.” Followed by, “Place your hand on the thigh of the bridesmaid next to you.”…you should start to worry a little bit.

  5. Destiney says:

    I actually think this is an adorable pose! They are all young and pretty, and it gives a sense of fun to the event.

  6. Jegs says:

    They all have a little captain in them. 🙂

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