The Nosebleed

July 19th, 2013

The Nosebleed - Behind The Awkwardness

“This is a picture of my 6 year old daughter Isabella with a lovely tampon in her nose.  She remembers EVERYTHING and at some point in her life, I must’ve told her tampons were for nose bleeds.  She busted into my room one day with a bloody nose and remedy.”

(submitted by Toni)

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  1. Anneke says:

    Just use a small tampon, They WILL get bigger with the blood. !!!!!!!
    It will hurt if you use a super and have to remove it from your nose

  2. jo says:

    I’m an EMT and we DO NOT put tampons into deep wounds. Don’t know who told you that. We do however use Rhino Rockets on occasion which is essentially a tampon designed for the nose and nosebleeds.

  3. Sharlee says:

    As someone who suffers some real gushers of nose bleeds.. I’m going to end up trying this at some point. She was actually pretty smart in using them, they’re clean and sterile and VERY absorbent, lol!

    • Kelster says:

      they work. Better than Kleenex. There are some things you dont want others seeing you do, but you do them becuase you know they are the best.

      • Debbie says:

        I learned in first aid that tampons work very well for stubborn nosebleeds, I would think that I would use a small tampon.

  4. Toni says:

    I’m Isabella’s Mom here to tell you she’s pretty mortified that this is on here haha. She said she always wanted to be famous but not through something with awkward in the title! Haha oh man. This kid is a trip. Oh yeah she also wants me to say she’s 7 now 🙂

  5. B says:

    Stolen from she’s the man!

  6. Kokopuff says:

    Yes, and the maxipads are great for bleeding wounds.

  7. Melanie says:

    Tampons are great for nosebleeds! A fellow skater bonked her face into someone’s helmet and a tampon up her nose did just the trick.

  8. annie says:

    my dad had to have a tamp[on up his nose when he was 82. as prim and proper as he as this was embarrasing. i felt bad but could not stop laughing. i think i have bad karma coming

  9. Maria T. says:

    Military field medics and EMT’s use these all the time for all sorts of deep wounds. They work great!

  10. janey says:

    Of all the pictures you have posted, I cannot believe they chopped this one…

  11. Donna says:

    My son, now 29 yrs. suffered with severe nosebleeds for most of his youth. Tampons were the only thing that would stop the flow. He taught this to everyone in his school district…from the school nurse in grade school, to his high school wrestling & football coaches. And guys (& Gals too) fluff them just a bit and pull them through your shotgun…waalaa, clean as a whistle!

  12. MFS says:

    Yes, when my husband had sinus surgery he was issued what the medical staff referred to as “Rhino Rockets” to help with the bleeding. They were designed for noses, but oh, the indignity…

  13. ER RN says:

    She’s well on her way to being and ER MD!! A similar type of cotton device is inserted into the nose when the bleeding is severe, except we call it a “bullet”.

  14. Harry says:

    I have suffered with severe nosebleeds most of my life, I have NEVER thought of using a tampon before, but I am going to get some and try it out next time. See, this site can even be educational!

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