July 27th, 2013

Caravan - Behind The Awkwardness

“Me and my brother. Dad brought car from the dump in the back of his van.”

(submitted by Noah)

8 Responses to “Caravan”

  1. Emilie says:

    Fiat 500! Do you still have it ?

  2. james says:

    It’s a 1959 Fiat Mouse. I know. I’m the one on the left.

  3. Mark says:

    Love the little one’s Honey Boo-Boo pose.

  4. Andrew says:

    There is some mighty junk in that trunk. Do you think there could be junk in the trunk in the trunk?

  5. cledusdtrucker says:

    yes it was a fiat with no floor and we would push it up the hill and ride it down man those were the days!!

  6. eeyore19 says:

    Instead of a spare tire, they have a spare car.

  7. Carlo says:

    It’s a fiat 500! Great great car

  8. george pasarikovski says:

    I think it is a fiat. I used to drive one in Macedonia when I was younger.

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