Cat’s Eyes

July 30th, 2013

Cat’s Eyes - Pets

Here’s looking at you.

(submitted by Daniel)

8 Responses to “Cat’s Eyes”

  1. ojenny says:

    I would like to cuddle both! So sweeeeet!

  2. NDW says:

    Why do people have to comment “not awkward”? I have been visiting this site for years, and “awkward” doesn’t always mean that it has to be crazy and outrageous. These are photos that you maybe don’t see every day. Do you know of a cat that will lay that still with it’s head next to a wriggling baby long enough to take a photo? Probably not. It’s a unique photo. “Uh this isn’t awkward at all! Blah blah blah….” No sh*t! Just enjoy the damn photo – we don’t need all of your obvious commentary on what is and is not awkward!

  3. DebbieLG says:


  4. vspeaks says:

    This isn’t in the least awkward: It’s simply a picture of two beauties.

  5. Scout C says:

    Cute cat, beautiful baby, not awkward at all.

  6. Classic Steve says:

    As usual, this is more adorable than awkward.

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