BTA: Still Crazy After All These Years

August 8th, 2013

BTA: Still Crazy After All These Years - Behind The Awkwardness

“My Grandmother hired a professional photographer for my Grandfather’s 75th birthday party. Not only did we all have to wear black & white… but I received this CD of photos which included this awkward shot.”

8 Responses to “BTA: Still Crazy After All These Years”

  1. Mel says:

    Gramps on the right just went “HONKHONK!”

  2. Mallory says:

    These guys look amazing in their seventies, hope I have that awesome of a personality when I’m their age 🙂

  3. John M says:

    But grandma got such a good feeling during this photo session.

  4. Lisa Jo says:

    I thought it was for Breast Cancer Awareness.

  5. B says:

    Granny in the middle got it going on getting a feel from both friends at the same time.

  6. Renate says:

    What a great ad this picture would be for breastcancer awerness :)i

  7. sallie2g says:

    What a hoot! Hope I can remember to do something like that at 75!

    • Lizzie says:

      Sallie… I agree with your thoughts…. I think this is very funny & cute! (I’d
      say “what a HootER” but don’t want to give credit to the bar). I love it when something can be a bit racy without being crude!

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