Uncle Wally

August 9th, 2013

Uncle Wally - Behind The Awkwardness

“Uncle Wally is not a very good babysitter.”

(submitted by Liz)

10 Responses to “Uncle Wally”

  1. patty dee says:

    What’s up with the racy red nightie behind his head?

  2. Niece says:

    Would love to see this in recreating the awkwardness!

  3. LeeLee says:

    I’m in total agreement w/those two little kids… ‘Mom, Dad, somebody save me!”

  4. Hannah says:

    “I used to be a good babysitter like you… until I took an arrow to the knee.”

  5. lizzie says:

    I feel sorry for the guy… he looks like he’s trying to be a good sport, but probably doesn’t know the kids real well, doesn’t know cutesy games to get them to smile, & the kids are at the age where they only want to be held by mom & dad.

    • Where's Wally says:

      Yeah, I think he looks like quite a fun person actually. I guess the kids just aren’t that used to him, or to bearded, grey-haired men in general. They just want to get back to Mum (or to play). I feel bad for laughing, seeing how distressed the kids look, but their expressions really are all kinds of priceless!

  6. Doe says:

    Was Uncle Wally bitten on the leg by a shark immediately before that photo was taken?

  7. Team Strand says:

    Is he bleeding on his knee?

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