First Day

August 12th, 2013

First Day - Behind The Awkwardness

“It was the first day of school in 1989. Dan had an incident blowing up his bike tire and had to wear an eye patch, Andy is all kinds of nervous, and Joe is proudly saluting in wet pants.”

(submitted by Martha)

12 Responses to “First Day”

  1. Lindsey says:

    I laughed so hard when it came to the wet pants! Bahaha!

  2. Holly Thomas says:

    I laughed until I literally had tears streaming. As the mother of 2 boys, I can relate to this 🙂

  3. Jan Allen Garber says:

    Looks like typical boys to me. I only have one brother (younger) but I can totally see that being us.

  4. dan says:

    Thanks mom

  5. Ashta says:

    Please do a recreation photo! It’s practically required!

  6. tsaw says:

    Awesome. I get one every year and this one is so far above anything I have ever taken. Blue ribbon.

  7. vspeaks says:

    I can’t remember when I’ve laughed so hard: It’s all just so *normal.* What a wonderful picture.

  8. Kathy says:

    Love it!!

  9. sarah says:

    i think the whole picture is just adorable!!!

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