August 13th, 2013

Overfrown - Behind The Awkwardness

“This is my kindergarten school picture. I was four, and apparently hated taking pictures. The arm you see on the left is my mother’s, to ensure I would stay put while they took the picture.”

(submitted by Rachel)

7 Responses to “Overfrown”

  1. Sally A. says:

    We have many pictures of my niece being pissed off at being photographed, but she was usually trying to kill those trying to make her stay put. I was the one with the crappy bowl cut. I love this photo!

  2. Genevieve Young says:

    Too cute, little rebel.

  3. allyb says:

    OMG you and I could be sisters!! my kindergarden pic has about the same frown and a bowl cut just a little darker!! I remember the photographer telling me to say coca-cola but I was not allowed to drink soda cause my Mom said it was not Kosher. So that made me sad. 🙁 I need to dig that pic up!!

  4. pattyham says:

    I think this is precious.

  5. Jujub says:

    Looks like a mug shot…poor kid

  6. Carli says:

    You can’t blame her, poor girl. Who on earth give her that bowl cut? Haha.

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