Party In The U.S.A.

August 21st, 2013

Party In The U.S.A. - Vacation

The year was 1983 and these are not costumes.

(submitted by Andrew)

18 Responses to “Party In The U.S.A.”

  1. Chance says:

    Hilarious, but definitely staged. There is no way they would wear polo shirts in 1983 without the collars popped. :-p

  2. Brett says:

    I call shenanigans. The letter graphics themselves are mid-90s at oldest.

  3. Buddy says:

    Hmmmm i totally do not believe this is 1983. The man’s sandals were not produced in 1983. good try though

  4. bobt says:

    Looks like a modern cooler also. I doubt all the fine details would be put in the outside cooler casing on something back in the early 80s. Staged.

  5. syd says:

    I went to a Modern Orthodox Jewish day camp in the early ’80’s. No one wore shorts that long in 1983, not even my grandmother.

  6. veronica says:

    this is staged.. this was the invitation for their son’s 1st b-day… i know,,, i was there.

  7. Jessie says:


    As others have mentioned, his athletic slides were not around in 1983. Also, her style of earrings were not popular until later in the 80’s. Lastly, she has a small tattoo on the side of her left foot – nobody did that in 1983.


  8. Christine says:

    Best. Picture. Ever!

  9. henson says:

    staged or not, this is awesome!

    and yes, paul, i do believe that is a calculator watch.

  10. Paul says:

    amazing…socks with sandles, shark going for ass, missing left arm, the hair. fanny pack, i think that’s even a calculator watch…so much for the eyes

  11. Lizzie says:

    Oh. My.Gosh. At 1st I thought that this picture was one of those flat boards w/ a cut out area for the head where you stick your head through & it looks like you are wearing something silly that was painted on. (the heads of the subjects seem a bit big; probably due to the hair style, etc).

  12. Mimi says:

    I agree– I totally don’t believe this wasn’t staged. Her hair and hoops do not jibe with 1983.

  13. Jaime says:

    He wore his best tube socks!

  14. Alice says:

    I am thinking this is staged! Fanny packs were big in the late ’80’s early ’90’s and I don’t recall there being any athletic slider flip flops for men in the early 80’s

    • Bill says:

      I agree. Also, doing a Google search will yield that exact, inflatable palm tree. IF they were around in 1983, I would highly doubt they would remain unchanged for 30 years. In 1983, the Jaws fad had also all but died off. (Jaws came out in 1975 and in 1983 was Jaws 3D, which was a bomb).

  15. Brandon says:

    WOW This is the best picture in the history of pictures…..EVER

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