Lost In Translation

September 1st, 2013

Lost In Translation - Behind The Awkwardness

“I was going through old family photos with my best friend when I came across this gem. Looks like the shirt should say “sweatshirt”, but the way he’s positioned it looks like it says “Eat…”

(submitted by Amanda)

11 Responses to “Lost In Translation”

  1. Rickles says:

    CAPTION: “My parents went on vacation and all I got was this lousy…..oh wait!…..COOL t-shirt.”

  2. Tina says:

    Oh gosh! I can’t breathe! This is hilarious!

  3. CaptDio says:

    Does nobody find it ridiculous that it would even say “sweat shirt” in the first place?

  4. Tim says:

    Wow, that is really funny. I had to laugh out loud. Great submission.

  5. annie says:

    I thought his shirt was supposed to read, “Beat S**t”. My boyfriend’s niece has a t-shirt that reads, “I run this *ahem*” I think its funny either way

  6. Classic Steve says:

    This year, my mom took a photo of me in a “CLASS OF 2000” shirt. The “CL” was obscured. Wouldn’t have been so good if just the “C” were obscured either.

  7. jim jonesw says:

    wow good stuff ha

  8. PricKard44 says:

    wow funy

  9. Shelba says:

    “If you think I’m going to give you this horsy, you can…..”

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