September 7th, 2013

Bridaled - Wedding

Even his friends thought this one was a reach.

(submitted by Sara)

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  1. Marilee says:

    I’ll bet she wanted them to ride horses, and he was afraid of them, so this was his compromise….
    otherwise, why look so wimpy??

  2. emm says:

    this couple is running on about 1.5 horsepower…

  3. cranky says:

    Now free with every “My Little Pony” purchase: it’s “My Little Groomy”!

  4. Amice says:

    What in the what??!

  5. Hello? says:

    As a little girl, Giselle always dreamed of a My Little Pony wedding.

  6. Susie says:

    She wanted to make it clear going into the marriage who was going to wear the pants in the family.

  7. Don says:

    Poor Willard never had the horse power to keep up with his new bride.

  8. mthrndr says:

    This is almost like an optical illusion. The big horse next to the little pony makes the bride seem like a giant compared to the groom – even though they’re probably closer in size.

  9. Paul says:

    She should get off her high horse.

  10. Nathan says:

    ”Huh, honey, look like we have a little problem, here… You know, the wedding, the party, the gift to every guest, my horse… That’s a bit too much…So for your horse…”
    ”What’s the problem?”
    ”Well, you’ll find out soon enough”

  11. C B says:

    Now that just doesn’t seem fair….

  12. yucata says:

    I think the most annoyed in this picture is the small pony
    He is feeling awkward

  13. just wondering says:

    HEAVENS! That is awkward….this could set the stage for his whole marriage! poor guy!

  14. megandrewsmom says:

    When I first opened this up I couldn’t see the pony; it just looked like the groom walking alongside the bride…what’s so akward about that? Then I saw the pony and I got it…who thought of that shot?!

  15. Kyler says:

    This picture made me laugh out loud. I’m guessing they couldn’t afford the 2 horse package, so they had to settle for the 1.5 horse special. You’d think they’d put the groom on the bigger horse, though! Funniest picture I’ve seen in a while.

  16. KT says:

    I don’t understand.

  17. julie says:

    Everyone wondered why Joe suffered from Little Man Syndrome..

  18. JPT60 says:

    Ginuwine’s “My Pony” lyrics are all I can think of and that is awkward…

  19. mama p. says:

    Wow, that definately screams “knight in shining armour” to me. I bet the photographer wanted to quit his job after this one. Poor little pony!

  20. Mary says:

    You know, why even bother to get on that pony at all?? Why not just stand by his bride while she’s up on her horse? Do you think the bride’s name is Whinny? HAHA!! Man, I’m good.

  21. Morag says:

    Guess we know who’s the boss in this relationship!

  22. Hero Hog says:

    Wow! Just wow… OK, we have a winner, THIS is awkward! I can’t believe she OKed this. It makes her look like a giant! This is just SO wrong…

  23. Tim says:

    Typical in a marriage: The guy always gets the short end of it!

  24. FavaBean says:

    Groom’s horse wishes that the guy was afraid of ALL heights. *my aching back*

  25. laurie says:

    And they rode off into the sunset…the runaway bride and her pony boy.

  26. Rick says:

    To quote a scene from Napoleon Dynamite…Lucky!!!

  27. J says:

    I just want to know what these people were thinking. Is there some ironic reason behind this? And that poor little pony.

  28. Etraking says:

    No prizes to guess who will be the top dog in this home

  29. Sarah.Downey says:

    haha.. someone got stuck with the short horse!

  30. Andy says:

    Oh my goodness…. words fail me….

  31. maria says:

    Wow. I’m totally speechless. This.Is.Awesome.

  32. AllAboutDave says:

    The marriage started off badly when Brad told Jennifer to get off of her high horse.

  33. Frank says:

    That’s the equivilant of riding the sidecar on a motorcycle.

  34. Canadian Tuxedo says:

    Straight out of Napoleon Dynamite…

  35. I’m sitting here amusing myself by pretending his pony is actually a full-sized horse, making him a giant, and therefore making her and her horse even gianter giants! (Why yes it is a slow day at work, thank you for asking.)

  36. justme says:

    I hope this isn’t the way things will be throughout the marriage!

  37. Coline says:

    HA HA i love it 😀

  38. Ho-Ju says:

    Size doesn’t matter.

  39. MCR says:

    “Are you ready for the honeymoon suite, dear?”
    “Sorry, honeybunch, but I’m feeling a little horse.”

  40. Tisha says:


    Objects may appear smaller than actual size.

  41. moonmadchen says:

    Something about this one just seems… well… awkward… I’d sure love to know the story behind some of these pictures…

  42. marie says:

    Oh my!!!! Why?
    Is he supposed to be the groom, or the bride’s young brother? I just don’t get it, don’t tell me he is the groom, for it foresays nothing good to me!

  43. Ann O. Nymous says:

    Will they serve those itty bitty hamburgers at the reception?

  44. Tocsnai says:

    The sense of humor’s admirable, but ponies aren’t meant to carry that much weight. Poor thing.

  45. Bernardo says:

    ROFL Before scrolling down, I thought he was standing up!

  46. hahaha i was cryin before i saw this and now i’m crying laughing

  47. tricia says:

    Why couldn’t they have been on ponies of the same size???

  48. Kate says:

    It IS her special day but come on! Maybe the flower girl should have been on the pony. Size does matter though…

  49. darkshines says:

    What the hell?!

  50. Melodie says:

    Isn’t it enough to know that he ruined a pony, making a gift for her?

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