Take A Bow

September 9th, 2013

Take A Bow - Wedding

Definitely not the first pose you learn in wedding photography school.

(submitted by Kevin)

16 Responses to “Take A Bow”

  1. Seamstress says:

    At my wedding picture consult, photographer wanted to take a shot of my Dad putting the garter on my leg!

    “Oh hell no! My Dad isn’t sticking his hands up my skirt. No way, no how!”

    I’m English, my wedding was in California, where we live. Photographer said it was a typical pic. My poor Dad was horrified at the idea. We just don’t do this in England. It’s just a bizarre concept, when you think about it. Just inappropriate. She quickly struck that one off the pose list. Lol!

  2. Bettermj says:

    “Duck duck goose”

  3. Jn says:

    Don’t know what is going on either…but…ever think this twisted idea might be the wedding couple’s idea? Takes all kinds…

  4. ladybug says:

    I agree that was probably the reason…too bad the wedding dress is all bunched up. That should be wedding photography 101- make sure the bride’s dress is perfect!
    Also…don’t pose your people awkwardly. yeesh.

  5. Dixiechick says:

    There are 10 adults in this picture and no one thought “gee, this might look inappropriate”………..

  6. CarrieM says:

    What is the MATTER with people?

  7. Lil' says:

    I’m troubled.

  8. Joe says:

    Why do wedding photographers have to try to force their “artistic visions” on the general public? My step-daughter’s wedding photographer wanted some really odd (and inappropriate) poses. Thankfully, she was strong enough to say “We aren’t going to do that.”

    • Alan says:

      We have no idea who’s idea was this. The photographer could’ve been just as weirded out as the rest of us. But it was a paying gig.

  9. Pogonip says:

    Where are their collars?

  10. LB says:

    what. the. just, why. whyyyy. i can’t even fathom what was supposed to be going on here in the photographers head. unless they meant it to be nasty. happy wedding day! wtf.

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