The Borgs

September 16th, 2013

The Borgs - Family Portrait

Nailed it.

(via Mental Floss)

9 Responses to “The Borgs”

  1. Jill Eller says:

    My friend Eric and his family!! AWESOMENESS!!! \\ //

  2. Isak says:

    Mr. Björn Borg was a famous tennis player from Sweden.
    Mr. Anders Borg is the current Minister of Finance in Sweden.
    Borg in swedish also means castle.

  3. Wow says:

    Man, that’s absolutely awesome! So badass!

  4. Eric Allan Hall says:

    That’s my family and I at the Las Vegas Star Trek convention– I made my Borg outfit, and she made hers and the kids’ 🙂

  5. Wendy Jane says:

    I love how the little girl is trying to use the power of the force to move something off camera.

  6. sha says:

    this is awesome! not awkward, just awesome.

  7. Grace says:

    I think they look great!

  8. Lizzie says:

    This is hilarious….the man really has it down…looks like he could have been an extra in the movie.

  9. Dominic says:

    borg?… sounds Swedish…

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