Dump Truck

October 4th, 2013

Dump Truck - Babies

“My 10-month-old was sitting in the Tonka truck and my 2-year-old wanted sit in it with him but wouldn’t fit. So I put the 2-year-old on the back of it and both boys were so cute and smiley and happy that I ran to get the camera. As I was focusing and they were both still smiling. I clicked the shutter and then both boys went toppling backwards. My 2-year-old exclaimed, “mmmKAY!” (I’m OK!) and the baby let out a single fuss. I laughed uncontrollably when I saw the picture. My husband thought it made quite the awkward family photo.”

(submitted by Alisha)

2 Responses to “Dump Truck”

  1. oh hullo says:

    hold on peeps, grab on to whatever you can get!!!!

  2. BR says:

    I’d like to see this re-created in 20 years.

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