The Groceries

October 16th, 2013

The Groceries - Behind The Awkwardness

“Having an identical twin sister growing up in a house without a whole lot of money could be interesting at times, especially when my Mom was feeling a little crafty. She saw something on tv about making costumes out of stuff you have around your kitchen, so she collected receipts, coupons, paper bags and cracker boxes. She then cut the cracker boxes into masks and cut arm holes in the bags. She taped everything on, (not stapled or glued)…taped! We kept ripping and falling apart with every step we took on our class parade. The teacher had to follow us around with more rolls of tape while we walked. My sis and I got upset because the parents kept saying, “oh my gosh! Look at the garbage bags!”

(submitted by Joy)

8 Responses to “The Groceries”

  1. Missy says:

    I love this idea; so creative.

    When I was a kid in the 1970s faced with a last-minute costume need, mom pinned me in between two brown bath towels and I was a Fudgsicle. I know they didn’t have much money to spend on things like costumes, etc., and in hindsight she was always quite clever about things like that.

  2. Sarah says:

    PLEASE PLEASE Recreate the awkwardness!!!!!

  3. pittipat says:

    My mom dressed me as a shopping bag once too but at least she skipped the cracker box head! Halfway through trick-or-treating I tripped, ripping my costume to shreds. I was a much cheerier trick-or-treater after that!

  4. Tina says:

    Did you get called “cracker”?

  5. Geralyn says:

    Bags of groceries, how clever & creative! I think you are both adorable!

  6. Doug C says:

    Eyeholes in a cracker box. Definitely one of a kind. Making a spectacle of myself laughing at the airport.

  7. Lizzie says:

    Wonderful story & great picture! Bless your mom’s heart for trying to do right by her girls despite not a lot of money! That kind of creativity may have been awkward at times, & I’m sure it was! But it sure teaches being resourceful! Loved the ?80’s? background pictures, plants couches etc.

    • Joy says:

      Great observation on the decor, Lizzie! It even looks like we still have the plastic on the lamp shade! Oh, the 80’s!

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