Growing Pains

November 11th, 2013

Growing Pains - Prom

“My date and I at the Military Ball. I’m 5’5 without heels. He’s only a year and grade younger. Now, 4 years later, he’s actually taller than me!”

(submitted by Leah)

18 Responses to “Growing Pains”

  1. ajkl27 says:

    Suuuper late growth spurt.

  2. Leah says:

    This is not photoshopped. I am tall and skinny and do have long legs. The dress poofs out which makes my legs look thinner. He was a freshman and I a sophomore at the time. He was a good friend of mine. Now, 4 years later, he’s actually taller than me!

    • Sindy says:

      I knew these girls in the 7th grade who was just as short as him. They were 15 and nearly comparable to 10-year-olds. They acted so childish too!

  3. Saber 6 says:

    Got news for all of you…
    He has to be in high school because that`s an R.O.T.C. uniform. My guess from his awards and lack of rank he is in his first year…9th grade at the earliest. I had a classmate that was a little guy but had the confidence of a giant. Here he was all of about 5ft even weighing a buck ten at most playing football with guys 6ft 200 lbs and over. Nobody ever intentionally tried to hurt him but he could take a hit and never flinch.

  4. Momster64 says:

    Could I really be the only one who thinks this looks photoshopped…?

    • Din says:

      No, I was thinking the same thing. Her body looks way out of proportion. Her torso is too long for her legs, and her legs even look smaller than the rest of her body.

      I’m confuse

      • meighy says:

        I don’t think it’s photoshopped. Her torso is twisted towards the camera, making it look wider, while her legs are more sideways. Her dress is hiding where her natural waist is, making it look like she has her hand on her waist instead of on her hip. She’s also smooshed against her date, making it hard to see her full shape. It doesn’t help that the photo has that soft blur all event photos have.

  5. Scout C says:

    Go big or go home!

  6. Wedge says:

    I have almost the same photo buried in my parents house somewhere. I was a 14 year old freshman and I asked a girl in my history class to go my high school JROTC Military Ball. She was a couple of months younger than me but about half a head taller. We kissed at the end of the night! It was awesome but not to be as that was our one and only date. By our senior year, I was a full head taller than her thankfully.

  7. Whoa says:

    Some women just can’t resist a man in uniform.

  8. Philbert says:

    Well, as this is called awkward family photos, that is probably his big sister. It’s hard to look martial if your sister is a head taller. He kind of pulls it off though.

  9. Tim S says:

    I’ll bet he enjoyed slow-dancing with her!

  10. Rebecca says:

    Looks SEVERAL years younger than the girl! Are they the same age and he is just tiny?

    • Snowrider says:

      They’re probably the same age. I’m guessing fifth grade. When my son was in fifth grade I coached his soccer team and ALL the girls were crazy taller. Those heels don’t make it any better…

      • Classic Steve says:

        No way. Look at her face. That is the face of a grown woman.

      • JaneC says:

        Snowrider is totally right. I have a fifth grade girl student who is 5’8″ tall and looks about sixteen (she definitely acts 11, though), and there is a boy in the same class who is barely 5′ and looks like he’s about eight. The same thing can happen to boys–I had a seventh-grade boy classmate who was 6 feet tall and looked like an adult.

  11. Jujub says:

    Aww he’s so cute! So is she for that matter!

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