Pit Stop

November 22nd, 2013

Pit Stop - Behind The Awkwardness

“Family vacation around 1974. We drove all the way to California with my father taking dozens of rolls of film. By the time we did a swing by the Grand Canyon, we were all tired. We got out of the car and this is the sole photo my father snapped of us. We spent about 3 minutes there. Long enough for my mom to finish that banana.”

(submitted by Libby)

2 Responses to “Pit Stop”

  1. Mary F. says:

    Ha ha! What a great story and a fun photo to remember that moment! The banana will live forever in your memories.

  2. Scout C says:

    Excellent! I’ll bet Mom LOVED that shot. During that same era, my dad was famous for taking hundreds of pix of scenery and other inanimate objects (flowers, buildings,etc.) — which, later, he couldn’t remember what they were– and only a few pix of any of us. In retrospect, maybe that’s a good thing. Fewer items to show up here!

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