Nurse Jackie

February 2nd, 2014

Nurse Jackie - Behind The Awkwardness

“My dad at his college graduation party with the family… and a stripper! Yep, that’s me hanging off the back of the chair watching. And now I’m a nurse… Hmmm.”

(submitted by Desirae)

9 Responses to “Nurse Jackie”

  1. kb says:

    that’s a man baby!

  2. dolatmand says:


  3. Rob says:

    The parents are in the background, omg! Beyond awkward!

  4. Benjamin says:

    I kind of had the same experience. My friends threw me a going away party before I deployed. Family was invited, but my friends planned it, and one of them (a female, actually) hired a stripper as a surprise.
    It was super awkward, but I still felt obligated to get danced on. She was super nice about it, too.
    But I made a rule that no more strippers are allowed.

  5. jennifer says:

    Disturbing that a parent would let their kid watch a strip show.

  6. Nurse Jackie says:

    To be honest, I was slightly uncomfortable with the whole situation, but they paid really well…

  7. Megan says:

    !!!!! I have to ask – why oh why would there be a stripper at a family party?

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