2 Chainz

February 4th, 2014

2 Chainz - Prom

There was enough of him to go around.

(submitted by Lawrence)

10 Responses to “2 Chainz”

  1. db says:

    “Number 1 in the ‘hood, G.”

  2. MikeG says:

    They see him pimpin’, they hatin’.

  3. pats says:

    Moments later, Summer and Deb are clawing each other’s eyes out over Pedro.

  4. TipToeDude says:

    You can’t keep a good man down…or can you?

  5. Pulpo says:

    MACLOVIN it!

  6. Nic=M= says:

    Oh 90’s

  7. patty h says:

    How is this funny?

  8. Dudra says:

    I had the whole outfit: cardigan, chains, shoes, acid washed jeans. However, my jeans would have been tight rolled :/

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