Shock & Awe

March 19th, 2014

Shock & Awe - Family Portrait

You have to hand it to Mom, for being the only one to hold it together.

(submitted by Katie)

7 Responses to “Shock & Awe”

  1. migimoo says:

    Like Dad is saying, “For the final time, Spazmo Jr., KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN!!!”

  2. Mickey says:

    I don’t understand the caption 🙁

    • si says:

      wow, I totally misunderstood….sorry, I just woke up…now I am in complete agreement with you, the caption makes no sense whatsoever….forget I ever said anything 🙂

  3. Claire's mom says:

    Dear sir:

    Thank you for single handedly keeping us in business!



  4. Jen says:

    Could you imagine the laughs around this dinner table. Love the older boys at the back.

  5. Paddywolf says:

    Looks like an acappella group. Dad has started with a booming bass note, the three lads behind him are kicking in with tenor and alto, top right is supplying the beat box, two sopranos are with mum and mum herself, unable to sing a note in tune, is the eye candy.

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