March 24th, 2014

Beefcakes - Misc

A pair of proud parents.

(submitted by K)

21 Responses to “Beefcakes”

  1. Rob says:

    I think I just spotted the reason behind the caption!

    Beneath the picture of the three guys in the chipendale-style bow ties, it looks (to me) like a hand drawn picture by a child. It is lower on the wall then all the random male models. Hence the questioning of them being proud parents.

  2. chickenlegs says:

    why this poster of rafa nadal lol

  3. Wendy says:

    Looks just like my room in high school! I even had a calendar very similar! One thing is for sure…it is a room to a fan of beautiful male bodies….no matter what!! ha ha

  4. TheDude says:

    You guys…Why would you assume this is a bedroom? Ive never met someone with a filing cabinet in their room. Its probably the blonde chicks office…

  5. sherry says:

    maybe they were managers or promoters of these guys

  6. Natalie says:

    I have a filing cabinet in my room and I did when I was growing up. You need a place to keep important documents. Plus your diaries.

  7. BlessedMama says:

    The pic of Lorenzo Lamas definitely dates this!

  8. CSA says:

    I think it’s unlikely that it’s their daughter’s room b/c of the filing cabinet, I think it’s more likely it’s their or the son’s/son’s manager’s office

  9. Tara H. says:

    It could be their son’s room

  10. Yolf says:

    Probably their daughters room. Makes more sense. Still funny though.

  11. Claire's mom says:


  12. Floy says:

    Probably their daughter’s room, makes more sense. still funny though.

  13. no-brainer says:

    Because it makes a decent joke

  14. Floy says:

    Probably their daughters room. Makes more sense. Still funny though

  15. Dave says:

    Maybe I’m being really dense, but how are we to assume that the model in the pictures is their son? This may have played better as a “Behind the Awkwardness” kind of thing.

    • Toast says:

      I wouldn’t have assumed that the model was their son?! I assumed mom and dad were visiting college one weekend and this is their DAUGHTER’S room.

      • Dave says:

        I got here via a Facebook post by AFP, and their caption for the post was “You just found out you’re parents to Magic Mike.” Granted, I probably wouldn’t have thought anything along those lines without seeing that caption, which just adds to my confusion. I’m also keeping an open mind to the possibility that I have finally gone ’round the bend.

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