Wonder Twins

March 25th, 2014

Wonder Twins - *AFP Hall Of Fame*


(submitted by Bill)

15 Responses to “Wonder Twins”

  1. db says:

    Now I wanna see the dance! Assuming that’s OK with Jersey Girl…..

  2. kcooley says:

    the best thing about this picture was Jersey girl getting her panties in a wad

  3. Jersey Girl says:

    The mullet is just a hair cut. Geez Kathryn P. get over it.

    And Jez Grove they are KIDS. I mean really … come on.

    An OJenny… Oh Jenny Oh Jenny Oh Jenny. I bet you are just a ball of fun. I am sure the parents were trying their best. Back off.

    • Kristin says:

      Hey jersey girl –
      I think you might have gotten lost on the interwebs. You see, Awkward Family Photos is where people go to get a good laugh at how rediculous we have all looked at some point in time. They are laughing together. It’s all in good fun.
      And then you walked in and acted like the Playground Police. Instead, what you should do is go through the photos of you as a 9 year old, pick the funniest one, send it in, and get a good chuckle at how fun it all can be.

      Participate in the JOY that is LAUGHTER!

      BTW, BigD – I hope that is Hypercolor because that was some awesome s***!

    • LRC says:

      Jersey Girl, calm down, it is a goofy picture…

    • Rattrap007 says:

      Ok people party’s over. Jersey Girl killed the fun. We all have to fall back to LOL cats now. We can’t make fun of awkward photos anymore…

      Relax. It is a hilarious website. Look at the other photos. They are all silly or weird. That is what the site is. Yes the mullet is just a hair cut. Back in the day it was more common, but now it is considered silly. Look at the fashion of the 70s and 80s. Those were fine back then, but now we laugh at them. That is the same way with the hair cut.

      Yes they are kids. Kid photos make up a good portion of AFP. Stuff like this is funny, because looking at it from present day and seeing cute kids thinking “I make this look awesome..” when in their outfit is fun. Now they look back and just laugh at how silly it all looks. Think about a costume you wore as a kid. Think how cool you thought you looked, Now look at it as an adult and see that you look a little silly and cute. THAT is what is happening here. Time + strange outfit + Childhood innocence = comedy gold. One of the kids in the photo (or a parent or spouse) submitted this. THEY are having a laugh at themselves and are sharing. It is ok to laugh.

  4. Alexander says:

    Coordinating outfits is a nice touch. Pretty sure we all had glasses like that in the 90’s.

  5. Beth says:

    I keep expecting one of them to say, “it’s time for The Routine!”

  6. BigD says:

    Is that Hypercolor?

  7. ojenny says:

    Some parents have a strange sense of humor… 😉

  8. Kathryn P. says:

    The mullet is a nice added touch. Ha, love it!

  9. Jez Grove says:

    Sometimes, I doubt your commitment to Sparkle Motion!

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