A Proper Burial

June 27th, 2014

A Proper Burial - Kids

“This photo is of me and my son who just turned 11. He was born at home and the midwives stashed his placenta in our freezer. As the years went on, I couldn’t just throw it out or leave it somewhere – I made it! So after 11 years, we bought a blueberry bush and I had him bury it under there. He was thrilled.  My dad dug the hole and the cat was trying to steal the placenta.”

(submitted by Emily)

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  1. TipToeDude says:

    Can we please just go one week without a stored-placenta-burial photo?

  2. Carl says:

    Saving your placenta is an ancient ritual. I don’t know why it freaks people out. You eat dead animals. get over it.

  3. Dave says:

    This is a kid who is going to look at the world a little differently than most, and good for him! The placenta is sacred in many cultures, and while it may not be the most appetizing thing in the world to look at, those who are acting as if the boy is going to be scarred for life just MIGHT be projecting their own fragility and deeply repressed nature onto him.

  4. Six says:

    That woman is truly disturbed. I can see a shrink in the poor kids future. Take care of your own dirty work ‘Mom”. Geeze

  5. Natalie says:

    The midwives may have shoved the afterbirth in the freezer so they wouldn’t have to deal with it – proper disposal of medical waste isn’t cheap. Or, they figured the mom was going to want to do something weird and symbolic with it at some point. Based on the submission and the photo, I’m going with explanation #2.

  6. Brian C says:

    Probably thrilled it was out of the freezer where proper food is kept. At times I wish the internet was still the domain of science and government and not handed over to the people to post *every* moment of their lives.

  7. Megan says:

    Some things just flat out don’t belong on this website. There’s awkward, and then there’s horrifying. I just want to burn my own face right now after seeing that.

  8. RB says:

    As someone who: (A) is not easily grossed out; (B) personally examined the placentas following the birth of both of my children with great interest and admiration; and (C) was born into a family of over-sharers who relished celebrating every milestone, however personal — ask me about my “first period” celebratory cake! — I find this both endearing and hilarious.

  9. Paddywolf says:

    I’m sorry but this is just awful and in incredibly poor taste

  10. Jewel says:

    Next stop, the therapist’s office. Is mom harboring his first bowel movement as well? Good grief…

  11. chris says:

    Sorry but there is nothing cute about this it is in fact GROSS.

  12. LaurenLoo says:

    Can you say Dirty Duncan?

  13. lo says:

    if the kid was “thrilled” it was probably for being able to dispose of the creepy bloody mass of vaginally expelled dead tissue that has been haunting the freezer and his dreams all of his childhood.

  14. Megan says:

    I am literally gagging.

  15. Lori Rogers says:

    That kid looks quite uncomfortable with this scenario.

  16. JillnAdam says:

    Aside from the placenta… the mom’s breasts almost jumping onto her son’s back, the lion-shaved pet, the gnome’s head eerily turned towards the son’s crotch, the grandfather’s gun sign with his hand… everything about this pic is brilliantly awkward!

  17. Jodi says:

    Some things should remain not captured in pictures. And this is one of them.

  18. Laurie says:

    Oh blerg.

  19. bokam says:

    i wonder if the berries will have a taste?

  20. DocMama says:

    Actually, technically HE made it. It’s 100% your son’s organ.

  21. NKG says:

    The look on his face isn’t that of being THRILLED, but of “I can’t believe my Mom is this weird & making me do this!”

  22. Liz says:

    I think this is awesome but I work with a midwife haha

  23. Kayla Breazeale says:

    Yeah, the face he’s making definantly says “thrilled”…

  24. Kniget says:

    I could have gone forever without knowing what placenta looks like….thanks

  25. Relope says:

    He does not look thrilled. He looks kinda scared and very creeped out.11 years in the freezer? Interesting. What else you got in there? My brother has a piece of his finger he cut off. However he doesn’t have the kids pose with it. Still gross.

  26. jodie says:

    That poor kids going to need a lot of therapy when he gets older.

  27. Linda says:

    He certainly doesn’t look thrilled. He looks horrified! So funny!

  28. Reins says:

    He does not look thrilled to me just saying

  29. Lori says:

    I’ll pass on the blueberry cobbler!

  30. Heather says:

    not awkward at all. what is awkward is when you have placenta in freezer and the electricity gets shut off in the middle of summer so all of a sudden there’s blood leaking down your fridge and you make a hasty burial in your ID backyard before joining your family back in WI. That happened to a friend of mine and I assumed he cleaned the fridge before he left or
    there’s a landlord in ID wondering if he was harboring a serial killer.

  31. MrsP says:

    Can’t be as awkward when my crazy sister in law said she was going to dry her placenta to be made in to pills so she can digest her placenta daily…..

  32. Kay A. Ess says:

    Emily, that look on your son’s face is not “thrilled.”

  33. Raybob says:

    This is a very old and honored Native custom. How wonderful to see it spreading 🙂

  34. Dawn says:

    I’d say the kid doesn’t look “thrilled.” In fact, he looks a little freaked out. Eeeeuuuu!

  35. JustMe says:

    That…..is disgusting……

  36. lynn says:

    this is awkward

  37. Pixienana says:

    This is… weird. Very.

  38. Anita says:

    wow…that’s sick

  39. Ron Thomas says:

    Calm down kid. That is just the first little outfit you ever wore.

  40. Bart says:

    I think the boy is glad that his mother made hamburgers of it and offered them to the guests.

  41. Human says:

    Should bronze the cord and first poop too.

  42. natas666 says:

    Awkward mother…this kid is going to have issues.

  43. David O says:

    Oh that is NASTY… 😛

  44. WMcCreery says:


  45. Amy M Stover says:

    You have just won the internet with Awkwardness of this photo.

    • Beth says:

      Yep, this IS bad…. even worse was the one of a whole family in a hot tub just after mom gave birth in the tub to a newborn. Water birth…fine. Whole family in bloody water.. awkward! I couldn’t “un-see” that one for weeks!

  46. mamazog says:

    My body makes a lot of things, and yet I have no blueberry bushes. Nope nope nope.

  47. Haggie says:

    I truly feel sorry for that kid.

  48. Andrew says:

    …………so so odd. so odd.

  49. Edward says:

    There really are no words. Unbelievable! 😛

  50. BlessedMama says:

    He looks a little awkward all by himself!

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