Fine Feathered Friend

July 7th, 2014

Brush all your fears aside.

(via Constance)

13 Responses to “Fine Feathered Friend”

  1. molwol says:

    This looks just like my ex’s starter wife in her earlier years……and not too far off from that when they got married.

  2. Julie says:

    Joe Dirt’s little sister?

  3. AmyC says:

    This poor sweet gal has made the rounds before. Bless!! Any idea what she looks like now? Ugly duckling turned swan, I’d suspect!

  4. Stella says:

    Hey! It’s Donald Trump’s log lost daughter!

  5. Brandy says:

    Those ARE some fine feathers. I had a nice pair myself…AND some awesome Coke bottle glasses to boot. Later, I got the always classic and gorgeous permullet. Yep, I rocked that era!

  6. Ginger says:

    I bet she had a rat tailed comb in her back pocket. Fabulous feathers!

  7. ojenny says:

    Put those terrible glasses away and I bet you will find a pretty teenage girl.

  8. TipToeDude says:

    It’s as though the purpose of the glasses is to provide portals for viewing amid the encroaching hair.

  9. Aurora B says:

    Was she the inspiration for Joe Dirt?

  10. Kairos says:

    I honestly have no words for this….

  11. Scarlet says:

    I think she’s adorable!

  12. Julian says:

    I think Bubbles has a twin!

  13. Jertej says:

    Looks like the Teen Wolf dad when he revealed himself.

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