All In The Family

July 28th, 2014

All In The Family - Misc

“Our family gathered in Holland MI in 1985 at our parents house for a family photo . . . need I say more?”

(submitted by Susan)

24 Responses to “All In The Family”

  1. Eunice says:

    Oh well my gosh that sure is a darn good family photo there ya betcha!

  2. Fraser says:

    Yes, please say more, because there’s nothing awkward looking about this photo. All the styles are typical of the 80s

  3. Shooter says:

    Looks like the awkward part will be when her family finds out she posted their photo.

  4. Shooter says:

    The awkward part may be when Susan’s family finds out she put this up here.

  5. Tom says:

    Splendidly awkward!

  6. Mary says:

    This is a great “moment in time” photo – the couch, the clothes, the hairstyles, the glasses. I’ll bet most families have a photo like this in a shoebox. Not really awkward, but so very retro!

  7. Nicole says:

    I’m a bit confused, too. All I see is a family from 1985 gathered for a photo. It’s only ‘awkward’ if you think it was taken in 2014.

  8. feenix says:

    That’s a lot of plaid!

  9. marklunch says:

    Yes, say more, please.

  10. Teresa says:

    At least your Dad’s suit matches the sofa. Taken in 85 but really looks 75.

  11. Barbie says:

    Grandpa sure is a snappy dresser!

  12. Noodengr says:

    I think grandma and grandpa are trying their hand at camo by blending so well with that sofa . Must be getting ready for hunting season up in the UP.

  13. Paulino Contumélias says:

    Well… I can’t see neither what’s so awkward in this picture.. Can it be the highest guy behind the lady in white that’s with second thoughts??? lol

  14. Scott says:

    Just an observation, the woman sitting on the couch looks exactly like the woman standing behind her, the man on the couch looks like the man standing on his left, the boy sitting on the couch looks like the man standing behind him and the seated girl looks like the woman standing on her behind her on the right. Maybe they are just displaying a matched set? Or it could be the expression on the face of the seated boy.

  15. Jacqui says:

    Yes Susan, you do need to say more please.

  16. Daie says:

    Is it because the grand dad’s suit near matches the sofa?

  17. m says:

    The plaids, the paneling, the tie! And Grandma’s shirt! So glad some things stayed in the 70’s…but wait… what’s that you say? It was 1985? Ack!

  18. Sarah says:

    Other than grampa’s wicked suit I don’t see the awkward…

  19. Powers says:


  20. delilah says:

    Can someone please explain what makes this photo awkward?

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