Space Exploration

August 4th, 2014

Space Exploration - Misc

There’s still room to grow.

(submitted by Kevin)

4 Responses to “Space Exploration”

  1. Vincent says:

    That mom is super hot.

  2. BonnieMom says:

    Maybe they needed this picture to be able to Photoshop everyone else in?

  3. cheryl hutchinson says:

    Ok had to think about this one for a few seconds. So there is an enormous “space” around the family instead of a close focus like most portraits so they have all this room around them……as in “room to grow.” Dad is kind of odd too though. He looks like he got his finger shot off at target practice with his buddies who live in a “compound” with him and are waiting for the apocalypse.

  4. Evolver says:

    Perhaps the framing is normal, and they’re just really tiny people?

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