The Curtain

August 8th, 2014

The Curtain - Behind The Awkwardness

“I always have to explain this picture when friends find it in the photo album.  This is me and my sisters in my Grandpa’s basement in the early 80’s.  I can’t explain the porch swing.  He fought in WWII and grabbed a flag before leaving Germany.  It was used as a curtain in his basement, but I never really thought anything of it when I was 5 years old.”

(submitted by Dave)

8 Responses to “The Curtain”

  1. Wynatz says:

    Fought in WWII, huh? Which side?

  2. solana says:

    He can’t explain why there’s a porch swing in the basement?

  3. J-Man says:

    I notice that the kids are all blonde and presumably blue eyed. I’m sure grandpa would approve.

  4. Beatstick says:


  5. p-- says:

    something about this isn’t reich…

  6. Brandonius says:

    What’s there to explain? I do nazi anything wrong in this photo.

  7. Woohoo says:

    He played the ultimate game of “capture the flag”. Well done sir!

  8. Demobot says:

    Huh, I did Nazi that coming…

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