October 29th, 2014

Backbreaker - Family Portrait

Picked the wrong day to wear ankle-highs.

(submitted by Shantal in Canada)


7 Responses to “Backbreaker”

  1. Joejoe says:

    I meant Sinbad and George Lopez!

  2. Joejoe says:

    Sinbad and George Sanchez – one night only!

  3. Ted says:

    Is that George Sanchez on the bottom?

  4. Jesse says:

    Is that Carlton?

  5. Hmm says:

    I have so many other questions about this picture, I barely noticed the socks?! WTH?

  6. Big Red says:

    This picture confuses me. REALLY confuses me…

  7. Angelica says:

    Also, white socks with black DRESS shoes? I mean SERIOUSLY? 😛

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