December 4th, 2014

Motherhood - Awkward Galleries

Susan Copich, actress and a mother of two from New York, has taken a darkly humorous approach towards traditional family photography with a series of daring images entitled “Domestic Bliss.”

Copich spent years taking pictures of her family, but when she reached her mid-forties, she realized that she was missing from almost every photo. That’s when she decided to take things into her own hands, creating photos that would reflect all of her feelings – even the ambiguous or negative ones.

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(via Susan Copitch)

44 Responses to “Motherhood”

  1. Mike B says:

    So no one noticed that the pool photo has a young girl pointing what appears to be a cocked gun at one of the other girls? This shows the distractions we have in this age. It would have been right on the money if the woman was instead locked into a hypnotic stare at her smartphone and ignoring her kids, that would be a true depiction of reality.

  2. Bill Shroyer says:

    I wouldn’t call these “awkward” by any stretch, but they are really, really interesting. I like them. Def some Photoshop-like stuff going on, so I wouldn’t just assume the kids in the dining room can actually see any rolled-up dollars and coke. Even so, if it’s an honest depiction, it’s an honest depiction. Very nicely-done.

  3. Cheryl says:


  4. JayMac says:

    Some were cute and funny, others were completely disturbing. I don’t give two shits what anyone says, no CHILD should be looking at lines/powder and a rolled up dollar bill. Or taking swigs from a bottle. Satire my ass. I won’t be surprised to hear her daughter tries something like that later in life, undoubtably because of this moment. Showing ‘we learn what we live with we do’ does not validate anything. Being from a family of alcoholics doesn’t make being one yourself ok, so why are we encouraging a mother showing her children harmful habits whether they are really apart of her life or not? Drugs, sex, and violence are all things we shield our children from not because we’re ‘stuck up prudes’ but because these are very real dangers and we don’t want them to pick up those bad habits. These girls have now been shown these things that piqued their curiosity and gave them ideas, which they will follow through with whether it’s in their mothers home or not.

    • Christina says:


    • Bill says:

      In the upper right corner of your browser, there is a button that has an X on it. Click that if you don’t like what you see. Think of it like a TV remote, or the channel button on your radio. Or, if you have multiple tabs, you have the option of clicking on the X on the tab you are currently viewing.

      The reason I suggest the above is because no one really asked, nor cares, about your opinion on this. Plus it seems your blood pressure is going up, and I would hate to see you have a blow out from it.

      • Sodastir says:

        So, Bill (and Christina), what exactly is this site and its “comments” section for, anyway? Is it only for people who share your opinion and worldview? Otherwise, your sarcastic advice is to click the “button that has an X on it” and check blood pressure? Also, I don’t believe I recall asking for YOUR opinion on JayMac’s opinion. See how absolutely childish that sounds in a comments section, Bill (and Christina)?
        This woman submitted a piece of self-promotion on a website viewed by many people. “Actress”=self-promotion. Some of the content could be viewed as questionable by a large number of people, not just the % of that group who visit this site. Maybe you should consider this before you start bullying the ones that do happen to find this great place and decide to take part. Or, is the fact that people who question “moral” intentions exist all around you and even speak out what fueled your aggressive reactions in the first place? Is this your unspoken (yet very obvious) undercurrent?
        Nobody attacked you personally, only some of the content and its intentions. YOU (and Christina) then made the decision to react in an aggressive manner because you (and Christina) disagree with JayMac’s statements/ideals.
        Perhaps it is you (or Christina) who needs to “hit the X” and check your blood pressure. Not everything on this site is pure and perfect for everybody, and some content definitely deserves discussion. Of course, chasing people away or telling them to “STFU” (Christina) has the potential to silence those people whose ideals you just don’t like, or that make you uncomfortable.
        At the end of the day, you need to learn to “hit the X” on your temper (and”blood pressure”) and move to the next comment if you (or Christina) cannot engage in fair discourse. Guess what, Bill (and Christina)? People are individuals and not all are carbon copies of yourself. If you cannot wrap your sensibilities around this without resorting to attacks, then hit the X, because “I would hate to see you have a blow out from it”.
        Of course, this is simply asking too much of most internet users and only reflects the degradation of how we treat each other in society, and highlights the dying skill of communication without visceral emotional spasm or psychopathy.

  5. Carpathia says:

    I like the caked out dining room with the kids peering in, the father conspicuously absent, mom looking haggard, but the house looks just perfect.

    • paula says:

      The photo in the dining room the husband is in the mirror reflection…. not his face. Saying he is there but never really there… love and understand all the photos. Clever

  6. Autumn Man says:

    I don’t know..? This lady seems very, VERY odd.
    But, I once knew someone from New York.

  7. AK says:

    Come on people, these are great and honest. If it rubs you he wrong way, maybe because you relate a little more than you’d like?
    Also, it is a series of photos, I don’t assume this is the ONLY thing she feels. She is representing a part of what her life entails. Sorry, being married and having kids isn’t sunshine and puppies everyday all day. Honestly, I think there is a lot of humor in the darkness here.
    My favorite is spilled milk.
    Great job!!!

  8. Tiffany says:

    All of you negative nancy’s need to keep your whining to yourself! Why do people get joy out of calling out what they don’t like about someone else’s expression of life and how things really are? Anyway, she has captured several different lifestyles here! I think it’s wonderful that she did this with her children, no sugar coating, these are real life issues! Way to go!

  9. seanna says:

    My favorite is crying over spilled milk….love love love this Art Work… She is simply pure Brilliance!

  10. JohnSCool says:

    Shameless self promotion at its American best. Waiting to hear of her new book…won’t BUY it, just curious as to how long it will take her to try to cash in.

  11. GladI'mnotthem says:

    Well, you can clearly tell she loves her family. She might not be in the other photos, but something tells me she’s not the one to suffer in silence. They’re clearly dragging her down.

    Someday those girls are going to be old enough to understand the allegories in this not-so-subtle shoot. I would never want my two girls to think I ever thought that way about them.

  12. zina says:

    i geuss having an opinion on everything is as common as having an a-shole.

  13. Shannon says:

    Awful, just awful.

  14. Tobby says:

    Come on people. This woman is a deep thinker. These are pure genius.

  15. Pete says:

    I loved this. The haters need to understand that she is portraying inner thoughts–not reality. These photos are not meant to promote bad behaviors. This is really good photography as art.

  16. Brad says:

    So nasty and disturbing -even if it is “art”. This isn’t even awkward. It’s just unsettling.

  17. T.T. says:

    I think this is fabulous and the most honest photographs I’ve ever seen. This is REAL life and motherhood. Not the perpetuated family all in matching khakis and cardigans so we can fool others and ourselves that our home lives are Stepford Wives perfect, with fake, painted on, and plastic smiles. She has captured true moments that never are photographed. She’s broken the facade. Applaud her. See past the props and what they actually are. See the deeper meaning behind them.

  18. Kwest says:

    I find these to be smart, funny, and stark commentary on family life.

  19. Theo says:

    I like the photo session, and I think that she shows how a lot of woman feel….

    Great from Holland 😉

  20. Kathrin says:

    I think they’re great.
    if you don’t get the concept of “darkly humurous”, just save your breath.

  21. DJK says:

    Some commenters need to lighten up. Really.

  22. vicki sticka says:

    they are hilarious!!!! we all think it at times!!!!

  23. AJF says:

    I absolutely LOVE these pictures! Very artistic and totally something I can relate to. How she feels is creatively displayed and yes, they are hilarious! (And I am a “normal” mom, who doesn’t do drugs and barely drink alcohol.)

  24. Ashley says:

    These are awesome. Motherhood and all of its glamour.

  25. Daisy says:

    Not funny. The picture with her drug remnants and the child drinking out of the wine bottle is inappropriate and very disgraceful.

    • vegechik says:

      Clearly you’ve never helped your child with any kind of project. Geez. It’s satire. Lighten up.

    • lucylou says:

      my thoughts exactly

    • Jeffery says:

      All the negative comments on any of these photos will be redundant. Whatever the intent this gallery derived from is not necessarily reflection of the artist’s life or belief of what is the right thing to do. It appears to me to be a depiction of how it either should not have been or maybe shouldn’t be. Relax, please to all you uptight, judgmental, over-analyzers. Do something positive in your own life. This is art and critics need to remember that if you can’t say something nice, just don’t say anything.
      I love it. I’m intrigued.

      • Jeremy says:

        Thank you! It’s gotten to the point where I should probably just look at the story and never go to the comments. Everyone is a critic & apparently a saint. It’s so tiring to see all of these people who think they are perfect! Good to know there’s some other regular people around

      • Harper says:

        It’ art. You’re supposed to judge it. In that vein, doesn’t denigrating people whose opinion doesn’t agree with yours make you an uptight, judgemental, overanalyzer? That being said, I thought these were beautiful, provocative photos . . . except number four. It seems irresponsible to me to put a young girl on the internet in what appears to be just a shirt and thigh high socks.

    • Mirsh says:

      At what point in history has art ever been appropritate? Good art pushes boundaries, makes you think, and makes a statement.

      This has all of that…. stop taking life too seriously Daisy, ol’ gal….

    • Lori Strout says:

      what drugs? I don’t see drugs I see crayons and school books what adult is doing drugs. and the child is showing that we learn what we live with we do

  26. Anne S. says:

    Is that her husband or the “Pool Guy”? Just asking.

    The hand of the hubby (in the pic where the girl is on the coffee table) looks a little too puffy to be the pool guy’s. I wonder what the expression of her husband’s is, her’s is a little too scary.

    • Benny the Jet says:

      Great pics & everyone tells a story or has it’s theme, nice to see the children involved as well, it keeps them off the streets.

  27. YT says:

    Self indulgence is fresh.

  28. Cartlin says:

    Where’s the funny one?

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