13 Awkward Names

March 16th, 2015

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9 Responses to “13 Awkward Names”

  1. Brandy says:

    Marijuana Sawyer’s middle name is actually “Pepsi.” I freaking kid you not; Google her. She’s an academic advisor at University of Wisconsin-Whitewater and said that her mother named her after the two things she loved the most. Hand to God.

    Good grief, you know these kids either did get or will be taunted mercilessly… ’cause kids are jerks. Think about that before you named your kid T. Rex Moondragon or something equally ridiculous.

  2. furpurr says:

    The baseball card was tampered with.
    I work in a prison, & have actually seen names such as: Jamaica Bean, Crystal Sweet, Christian Liberty, Teddy Bair, Allen Alan Allen, one whose first & middle initials along with his last name spelled “R.E.Marks”… I’ll have to try to remember some of the others, because I have seen a LOAD of hilarious names!! I have quite often thought: “Did these parents WANT their kid(s) to end up in prison?!?!?”

  3. Back in the 80'2 says:

    When I was in college, there was a woman who worked in the area where I was a student intern and her name was Icy Hill.

  4. Sophie says:

    There is a consultant (or something) on NCIS Los Angeles that is called Frank Military 😉

  5. StumbleSojourn says:

    At least Jackson Galaxy appears to have “leaned in” towards his odd name with his completely appropriate haircut.

  6. Scott Cullen says:

    There is a name in the credits for the movie Valkyrie that I found hysterical: Reuben Panini.

  7. josh says:

    What about peter bonerz the producer from home improvement?

  8. Brandy says:

    While watching Pinocchio recently I noticed in the credits an animator named Tee Hee, and I once read a magazine article by an author named Patience Dragonwagon.

  9. Classic Steve says:

    Some of these are surely deliberate. I’d like the last name Galaxy.

    There’s an actual pig named Chris P. Bacon.

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