99-Year-Old Woman Gets Arrested To Fulfill Bucket List

We here at AFP believe in following your dreams, and today a nearly 100-year-old woman from the Netherlands is giving us inspiration. The Dutch woman, Annie, wanted to get arrested just once in her lifetime, and when she approached the Nijmegen-Zuid police station with her unusual request, they were happy to oblige. She didn’t even need to commit a crime!

When Annie arrived at the station, police promptly slapped on the bracelets:

Citizens who haven’t committed a crime usually aren’t allowed inside the cells, but for Annie, the cops made an exception. She got to sit inside the holding tank for a few minutes, and pose for pictures:

Police posted the photos on their Facebook page, and we all get to partake in Annie’s delight:

You go, Annie! We hope nailing the rest of your bucket list is as fun as this was.

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