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One Mile At A Time

“My mom and stepdad are runners. I don’t think I read their motivational sign correctly the first time.”

Cake Miscommunication

“The bakery asked us to send a picture of our desired ice cream cake. What we got was a picture of a cake ON the cake. My daughter’s birthday has gone meta.”

The Two Kens

“My husband, whose name is Ken, found a mini plastic version of himself at HomeGoods.”

Half And Half (And Half And Half)

“My friends ordered two pizzas last night. I don’t think they thought this through.”

The Honest Wedding Invitation

Would you like chicken, fish, or simmering resentment?

My Dad’s Favorite

“When I was six, I got my face painted with something I thought my dad would like.”

Grandma Breaks Bad

When headline placement goes wrong.

The Leg Swap

“Sometimes, matching during family photos isn’t the best idea.”  

Bernie And The Amazing Technicolor Dream House

“My Uncle Bernie painted his house in 1972.”

Full Disclosure

“Found this little gem while sorting old papers. It must have been attached to some work of art my eight year old daughter had bestowed upon me at some point. Charmed,...