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“My dad just learned how to use photoshop.”

Lego Dad

“My son was excited to find Daddy in his new Lego kit.”

The Dad Identity

“My parents’ wedding day, February 1961. I think my Dad looks like Matt Damon.”

Hanging Out With Dad

“My family and I in Yosemite. I was four years old and my Mom left my Dad and brother in charge of babysitting while she went off hiking. They seemed awfully proud of their...

My Dad’s Favorite

“When I was six, I got my face painted with something I thought my dad would like.”

Gamer Dad

“Asked my husband to watch the baby.”

Dolphin Dad

“My dad, casually holding yours truly while simultaneously petting a dolphin midair.”

Dad Au Natural

“I found this photo in familial box of ancient photos. Everything is awkward in this photo. The mustache, my father’s position . I thought he was naked first, but no,...

Dad Vs. His Airness

“My Dad vs. Michael Jordan in high school.”

My Dad And The Lion

“My dad and his veterinarian mother, with their pet lion that they raised for two years. Taken in 1959.”