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Kid Apparel

Kid Apparel - News That Makes Us Feel Awkward

Being a mom is a tough job, and this photo of a Texas-based photographer and mother of four sums up that sentiment perfectly.

Melissa Wardlow of Grand Prairie, Texas, wears many different hats in addition to “mom.” She’s a full-time teacher, she owns a photography business, and she’s married to a high school football coach. As you can imagine, every day is jam-packed with activities. And when she can’t get a babysitter, the kids have to come with her.

The photo here was taken on a typical Friday night for the family. While Dad was coaching, Melissa was on the sidelines taking photos of the team, and her two youngest kids literally came along for the ride. (If you’re not impressed yet, just imagine getting a great sports photo with a couple kids strapped to your torso.) Then, another photographer who works for The Dallas Morning News took a photo of the encumbered Melissa, posted it on the paper’s social media, and the image went viral, particularly among the Baby Bjorn-using set.

In case you were wondering how she gets the kids onto her, they have a routine: “The baby goes on first,” she explained to the paper. “My 3-year-old stands behind me. He puts his leg through the strap and it’s like putting on a backpack.”

She makes it sound so simple. Color us impressed with Melissa’s master-level Mom skills.


(via The Dallas Morning News)

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All The World’s A Canvas

All The World’s A Canvas - Kids

If you’re a parent of a young child, you’re going to have some of your possessions ruined with an unwanted drawing. Children that young are beginning to develop their fine motor skills and their artistic side, and are eager to use any available surface to compose their next masterpiece. Usually the damage is fixable, or the object is replaceable, but for one parent it meant being detained at a foreign airport until his embassy could sort it out.

The father, “Mr. Chen,” is Chinese and went on a business trip to South Korea with his four-year-old son. (First mistake right there.) When the father-son duo went to the airport to return home, Dad discovered his son had scribbled all over his passport–complete with a new makeover for Dad that included scraggly hair, a beard, giant lips, and eyes as black as a shark’s.

Unfortunately, airport security didn’t have a sense of humor about the situation. The two were detained, and the Chinese embassy tried to issue them a fresh passport.

We’re still waiting for the Chinese industry to turn this incident into a movie, perhaps in the vein of Tom Hanks’s classic The Terminal.

(via India Today)

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Introducing The “Dating Resume”

Introducing The “Dating Resume” - Friends

What’s the most extreme thing you’ve done to get a date? Unless you’ve created a professional resume detailing all the ways you’re a catch, like this Michigan State student did, you’ve got a ways to go.

(Yes, this is a competition. Looks like you’re losing.)

The story begins last week. With MSU’s school formal coming up, junior Ashley Harrington was concerned her roommate didn’t have a date. She went on Facebook and posted an open call for a date for her roommate. The post itself is a gem:

We all had a few friends in college who took their studies more seriously than their social life, and it sounds like Ashley was doing her roomie a solid.

Enter the hero of this story, 21-year-old junior Joey Adams. A friend initially saw the post and tagged Joey, and Joey eagerly responded to the call to action:

Before we delve into the resume, we have so many questions. From the time stamps it looks like he replied with his resume just minutes after the initial post. Did he have the resume already made, and was he just waiting for the right opportunity to use it? Or did he whip it together in such a short time? And where did he get the idea to do this in the first place???

OK, now let’s take a look at the larger version:

Some highlights:

-Points for being honest about who he is. He notes his love of puppies, his tendency to cry during Marley and Me, his “dad-like” behavior in public, and the time he spends Facetiming with his mom.

-He’s clear about what he wants: he’s not after a hookup (he doesn’t have Tinder), but a meaningful connection.

-He’s even got a bit of a sense of humor on him, making light of the fact his job title is “Lubricants Consultant.”

Unfortunately, the original roommate never responded to him. But the story has a happy ending. Fellow MSU student Simone Campbell saw the resume, and Tweeted it, and the story has gone viral. Young women began reaching out to Joey for dates:


All in all it looks like Joey’s got a great dating attitude

(via source)

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Mom Moment

Mom Moment - News That Makes Us Feel Awkward

Look, we’ve had countless embarrassing moments in our lives. Best we can do is share a laugh over them and move on. But for one Mom, a text message flub will live on forever thanks to her teenage daughter and the Internet.

Twitter user @mirandasantos‘s mother, Susan, had been involved in a car accident, and her insurance agent requested photos of the car’s damage, asking for “front,” “side,” and “rear” shots. This was Susan’s response:

Oh, dear. For the record, Susan DID feel weird about taking an impromptu selfie gallery for a car insurance agent, and says as much in her final text. The agent quickly complimented Susan on her looks and then clarified what she really needed:

Don’t feel bad, Susan. We’ve all been there.

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Dad Takes Out Newspaper Ad To Find Son A Wife

Dad Takes Out Newspaper Ad To Find Son A Wife - News That Makes Us Feel Awkward

If you’ve ever griped about your parents meddling in your life, this story will keep things in perspective.

Baron Brooks is 48 years old, single, and childless. He lives in Salt Lake City, Utah and owns a two health food stores. Like many of us, he wants to share his life with someone special. Also like many of us, his parent wants the same for him. But UNlike many of us, his father, Arthur, was willing to take out a full-page personal ad for his son in the newspaper. Without Baron’s knowledge or consent.

No, this isn’t a synopsis of an Everybody Loves Raymond episode. This is real.

The ad, helpfully adorned with roses, cost $900 and covers Baron’s requirements for a potential mate: she must be pretty, between the ages of 34 and 38, on the shorter side, (Baron is 5’5″), politically conservative, and above all, willing to go along with all of this. (That last one is implied.) Potential partners are asked to travel to a resort in Idaho, where Arthur will screen them and sign off on them before the dates happen.

Why Idaho? Arthur had just vacationed there and thought the state’s more conservative vibe would be a match for his son’s sensibility.

When Baron found out what Arthur had done, he was rightfully embarrassed. Arthur is 78 and really wants grandchildren. (No kidding.) Baron described his dad as “nuts.” Also “neurotic,” “passive-aggressive” and without boundaries, comparing him to Larry David’s character in the TV series Curb Your Enthusiasm. Sounds about right.

Oh, also, Arthur’s profession is breeding thoroughbred racing horses. That has to be the worst example of a failure to separate work life from home life OF ALL TIME.

In the end, Baron decided to have a positive outlook about the whole thing. There was no putting the genie back in the bottle, so he agreed to go on the dates–the ad wound up getting about a dozen replies, which somehow isn’t surprising.

There haven’t been any updates on Baron’s status since the ad went up, so it sounds like he has yet to find love. We wish him luck. And we heartily recommend he try Tinder next time.


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99-Year-Old Woman Gets Arrested To Fulfill Bucket List

99-Year-Old Woman Gets Arrested To Fulfill Bucket List - News That Makes Us Feel Awkward

We here at AFP believe in following your dreams, and today a nearly 100-year-old woman from the Netherlands is giving us inspiration. The Dutch woman, Annie, wanted to get arrested just once in her lifetime, and when she approached the Nijmegen-Zuid police station with her unusual request, they were happy to oblige. She didn’t even need to commit a crime!

When Annie arrived at the station, police promptly slapped on the bracelets:

Citizens who haven’t committed a crime usually aren’t allowed inside the cells, but for Annie, the cops made an exception. She got to sit inside the holding tank for a few minutes, and pose for pictures:

Police posted the photos on their Facebook page, and we all get to partake in Annie’s delight:

You go, Annie! We hope nailing the rest of your bucket list is as fun as this was.

(via source)

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College Student Gets Care Package From Mom, Of Trash He Failed To Take Out

College Student Gets Care Package From Mom, Of Trash He Failed To Take Out - News That Makes Us Feel Awkward


One of the biggest frustrations for parents is getting their kids to help out around the house. Terri Cox, mother of 18-year-old Connor Cox, shows us how to win the battle, while Connor shows us the importance of listening to your mother.

Connor had just left home to go to Westminster College in New Wilmington, Pennsylvania when he got a box in the mail from his mom. Thinking it was a care package to help ease the transition to university living, Connor opened it only to find a bunch of trash. The trash looked familiar–it was from his room, and Terri had asked him to throw it out before leaving home.

Hoping it all was a mistake on Terri’s part, (because sure, people accidentally mail trash all the time), Connor called home to ask what was up. She confirmed it was indeed the trash he hadn’t thrown away.

Both of them laughed off the incident. Connor told ABC News that he and Terri have a special relationship. “She’s kind of like my best friend,” he explained.

We salute Terri for the determination. Rather than just throw it away herself, Terri put in the time, energy, and money to mail GARBAGE to another state.

We’ll update you when Terri buys Connor a plane ticket home so he can mow the lawn.

(via ABC News)

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