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College Student Gets Care Package From Mom, Of Trash He Failed To Take Out

College Student Gets Care Package From Mom, Of Trash He Failed To Take Out - News That Makes Us Feel Awkward


One of the biggest frustrations for parents is getting their kids to help out around the house. Terri Cox, mother of 18-year-old Connor Cox, shows us how to win the battle, while Connor shows us the importance of listening to your mother.

Connor had just left home to go to Westminster College in New Wilmington, Pennsylvania when he got a box in the mail from his mom. Thinking it was a care package to help ease the transition to university living, Connor opened it only to find a bunch of trash. The trash looked familiar–it was from his room, and Terri had asked him to throw it out before leaving home.

Hoping it all was a mistake on Terri’s part, (because sure, people accidentally mail trash all the time), Connor called home to ask what was up. She confirmed it was indeed the trash he hadn’t thrown away.

Both of them laughed off the incident. Connor told ABC News that he and Terri have a special relationship. “She’s kind of like my best friend,” he explained.

We salute Terri for the determination. Rather than just throw it away herself, Terri put in the time, energy, and money to mail GARBAGE to another state.

We’ll update you when Terri buys Connor a plane ticket home so he can mow the lawn.

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A Letter Concerning “Wildo The Dildo”

A Letter Concerning “Wildo The Dildo” - News That Makes Us Feel Awkward

When Paul Hunt, a father from Somerset, England, received a letter from school about his son’s behavior, he was expecting trouble. What he got was, according to him, “The funniest thing I’ve ever read.”

Like most young children, Paul’s son and his friends enjoy coming up with imaginary friends and giving them names, but one such characters landed boys in hot water. The name? “Wildo the Dildo.”

Paul posted the letter on his Twitter and it’s been retweeted over 4,000 times.

In the letter, his son’s teacher explains that one of the kids overheard the word on the playground and found creative inspiration. The school isn’t planning on punishing his son but to do prefer Paul discuss the name with him. Punting seems like the right move on the school’s part.

What the letter DOESN’T explain, unfortunately for all of us, is who Wildo is and what he/she/it is like. I like to imagine Wildo as a whimsical, good-natured wizard who just wants to be friends with everyone, and can’t figure out why the other wizards never return his calls. What’s your take?

(via The Huffington Post

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Yes He Can

Yes He Can - Couples

They say having a sense of humor can get you through anything, and Todd Krieg and his fiance Amanda Diesen are proving it with their pregnancy photo.

Todd was a professional motocrosser until 2014, when an accident left him paralyzed from the chest down. Amanda was his physical therapist, which is how they met and fell in love. Doctors told them the chances of conceiving were slim, but they defied the odds and were able to have a baby. So, in their photo announcing their conception, Todd also wanted to announce that “It still works.” (And Amanda looks like she was being a good sport about it.)

Their gender reveal photo is equally awesome, if a bit less risque.

Todd and Amanda are even entered in a contest to win their dream California wedding. You can vote for them here.

Congratulations on the new baby, Todd and Amanda, and on being an inspiration to us all.

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Man’s Get-Rich-Quick Scheme Requires Guts, Patience

Man’s Get-Rich-Quick Scheme Requires Guts, Patience - News That Makes Us Feel Awkward

We all want to get ahead in life. Some of us are content to work hard and save our money. Others of us feel the pull to become the next Bill Gates, so we come up with a genius idea and then go on Shark Tank to get humiliated by Mark Cuban.

This guy falls into the latter category. We don’t know his name or where he’s from. All we know is, during a trip to Wal-Mart, he saw an opportunity. The letter “P” in the “Pharmacy” sign had come loose and was dangling precariously over the parking lot. If the letter were to fall and hit someone, Wal-Mart could be liable for a big-time injury settlement. So, our hero decided to position himself under the sign, and…wait for it to fall. When this photo was taken, he’d been waiting four hours. He might still be waiting there right now.

We’re not here to judge, but, we do have a couple notes…

-Maybe don’t stand directly under the letter? A head injury might make it difficult to enjoy your settlement.

-Couldn’t you throw a couple rocks up there to speed things along? Just make sure nobody sees you do it.

-Most of all, if you’re gonna pull off a scheme like this, maybe don’t take a picture of yourself that goes viral?

In any case, it’s nice to see the American entrepreneurial spirit is still strong.

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Dad Hilariously Fails The Dress-Your-Baby-For-Daycare Test

Dad Hilariously Fails The Dress-Your-Baby-For-Daycare Test - Babies

Brooke Hawley-Hasso was in for a surprise when picking up her 7-month-old daughter Olivia from daycare–Olivia was wearing overalls with no shirt underneath. Apparently, her husband Jeremy was responsible for dressing Olivia that morning, and didn’t know a shirt was necessary.

Luckily, everyone had a sense of humor about the situation. “Another mom standing there was cracking up,” Brooke said. Brooke later shared her uncomfortable text exchange with her husband on Ellen DeGeneres’s Facebook page.

Don’t feel bad, Jeremy. We’ve all been there.

(via The Huffington Post

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Guy Pranks Shoppers With Fake Shopping Tips

Guy Pranks Shoppers With Fake Shopping Tips - Awkward Galleries

Buying groceries can be a drag, but professional prankster Jeff Wysaski, aka Obvious Plant, livened up the shopping experience at his local grocery store by placing real-looking “store tips” among the aisles. We hope nobody actually attempted them.

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Mom Gets Hilariously Offended After Daughter Crops Her Out Of Wedding Photo

Mom Gets Hilariously Offended After Daughter Crops Her Out Of Wedding Photo - Mom

Weddings have a way of bringing out the drama. Abeera Tariq found that out the hard way when she thought she innocently cropped her Mom Noreen out of one of her wedding photos.
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