Fall - Babies

“We decided to take our family photos next to a pond. As we were posing the little one immediately fell over. This is the main photo in my living room and makes my day every time I see it.”

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Tied Down

Tied Down - Babies

“This is the inventive Dad of the day.”

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Baby vs. Eardrums

Baby vs. Eardrums - Babies

“Have a baby, they said. It will be fun, they said. Decibel meter for reference.

For comparison, 109 decibels is louder than: a power mower, a subway train at 200 ft, a train whistle at 500 ft, a rock concert, and timpani drums.

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Bean Glove

Bean Glove - Babies

“For when you want your kids to feel loved, but are too tired.”

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Ready Player One

Ready Player One - Babies

“I could never game because of my toddler, so I finally bought a play pen.”

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Motherhood - Babies

“My wife chronicles her motherhood in photos. Mainly it’s feet and buns in her face.”

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Baby Legs

Baby Legs - Babies

“My friend looks like he has baby legs on his denim-colored couch.”

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