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The Look

You’ve been identified.

(submitted by John in the UK)

Snow Patrol

“I’m ashamed to admit I made this photo happen. I’m a bad mother.”

(submitted by Sarah)

The Pajama Game

They decided to put their heads together.

(submitted by Melissa)

Beauty Sleep

She was the apple of his armpit.

(submitted by Lindsay)


Take 2.

(submitted by Sonya)


Number 2 pencil only.

(submitted by B. Wiksten )



She’s in good hands.

(submitted by Euless)

Merry Awkward Christmas!

Our sentiments exactly.

(submitted by Joe)

A Little Higher

“In my own defense, my son didn’t actually hit the tree branch, though I have no answer for why he isn’t wearing pants.”

(submitted by Anthony)

La Toalla

This luchador shows off his greatest strength.

(submitted by Liz)