Happy F-Bomb - Birthdays

Happy F-Bomb

“Looking through old pictures, I just noticed something interesting on my 3rd birthday gift before I could read. Thanks, Mom.”

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Mr. Potato Head - Birthdays

Mr. Potato Head

“My friend got a birthday card from his younger cousin.”

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Say Uncle - Birthdays

Say Uncle

“My Uncle gave me his old vanity plate as a birthday gift with this picture in the card.”

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The Cliff’s Edge - Birthdays

The Cliff’s Edge

“Ordered a cake for Rachel and Cliff’s birthday.”

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My Buddy - Birthdays

My Buddy

“Sometimes I wish I’d put forth the effort to submit the cake my parents gave me for my fifth birthday to one of these, but I’m lazy.”

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Stuck Like Glue - Birthdays

Stuck Like Glue

“Amazing what a glue gun can do.”

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It’s Clint - Birthdays

It’s Clint

“It was my cousin Clint’s birthday, and his mother-in-law reminds us all about the importance of kerning.”

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Oh Boy - Birthdays

Oh Boy

At least they got the apostrophe right.

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Same Sex - Birthdays

Same Sex

“My girlfriend and best friend have birthdays one day apart. This was the only solution.”

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