Care Bear - Behind The Awkwardness

Care Bear

“Just my dad with a Hitler ‘stache and Care Bear cake.”

(submitted by Gregory)

sperm cake

Only The Strong Survive

Putting it all into perspective.

(via Aplus)

Poor Richard - Birthdays

Poor Richard

Thanks a lot, Mom.

(submitted by Richard)

12 Birthday Disasters - Birthdays

12 Birthday Disasters

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Open - Birthdays


She wanted to give her parents a subtle signal.

(submitted by Caroline)

Happy Day - Birthdays

Happy Day

“My Mom was so excited to take birthday pictures she wouldn’t let me find the closest bathroom first. But that takes a backseat to the fact I can only assume this was my 4th birthday party since the well-decorated “Happy Day” cake wasn’t overly descriptive.”

(submitted by Mark)

Crash - Birthdays


Early signs of road rage.

(submitted by Ashley)

Just Say Yes - Birthdays

Just Say Yes

“This sign was hanging in my aunt and uncle’s garage when they bought their house and for some reason nobody realized the DRUGS sign was the backdrop for a children’s birthday celebration picture.”

(submitted by Kara)

The Terrible Twos - Birthdays

The Terrible Twos

“I have the fondest memories of all the amazing birthday cakes my mum used to make us. So clearly, I got some really dud presents this year.”

(submitted by Tamara in Australia)

Three’s A Crowd - Behind The Awkwardness

Three’s A Crowd

“My three cousins all have birthdays very close together in October and weren’t thrilled to share their jack-o-lantern birthday cake and party. “

(submitted by Natalie)