Pout If I Want To

She was under the impression that her birthday would have something to do with her.

(submitted by Alison in Canada)

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Happily Ever After

You’re never too old to be a princess.

(submitted by A)

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Behind The Awkwardness: Split Ends


“My ex-husband surprised me after work with a birthday cake. I wanted a picture of my son and I for the scrapbook so was leaning forward to get closer to him. I had not been to the hairdresser’s in 2 years and had age inappropriate hair at the time. The candles took care of that and luckily, my husband managed to put out the flames with his bare hands once he realized what was happening. Of course, he missed the shot of me screaming my head off. I’ve been going for regular trims since.”

(submitted by Sharon)

The before:


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Behind The Awkwardness: Make A Wish

“Even a 4 year-old knows there’s no “winging it” with birthday candles. This is my brother’s birthday. My mom had obviously forgotten the candles and had instead snapped Christmas taper candles in half.”

(submitted by Denise)

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Saturday Night Special: Culture Shock

“My first birthday- I am the one in the center, screaming my lung out, surrounded by family, friends, and one very very confused exchange student who was staying with my aunt.”

(submitted by Lauren)


In Behind The Awkwardness • July 9th, 2011 • 32 Comments »
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