Compromising With The Grandson - Birthdays

Compromising With The Grandson

“This is a photo of my husband’s sweet-as-pie Grandma with her great-grandsons. Grandma is holding one of our sons, and our other son is face down on the floor. He only wanted to be in the picture if he could be like that so no one fought him. Note that he does not let go of his balloon throughout the whole process.”

(submitted Sara) 

The Bikini Cake - Birthdays

The Bikini Cake

“This is my granddad and myself.  I can only assume he was so proud of the cake that he decided that his only grandson needed to be a part of such a grand occasion.”

(submitted by Brandon)

Benjamin Buzzkill - Birthdays

Benjamin Buzzkill

“Birthday gift I got from my Grandpa. I go to school in Colorado.”

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Cake-tervention - Birthdays


“I made my wife a cake with a message for her birthday.”

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The Bond Of Love - Birthdays

The Bond Of Love

“My twelve-year-old niece uses duct tape for her crafts. This is what my grandma bought her for her birthday.”

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Birthday Gift Hardball - Babies

Birthday Gift Hardball

“This is the most demanding first birthday party invite ever.”

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Lost And Found - Birthdays

Lost And Found

“It took me until I was much older than 4 to come to this conclusion – Happy Birthday!”

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Curiosity Thrilled The Cat - Birthdays

Curiosity Thrilled The Cat

“It was my grandma’s 69th birthday. This was the cake she made.”

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50 Shades Of Cake - Birthdays

50 Shades Of Cake

“My mother-in-law’s cousin runs a bake shop out of her home. She proudly shares all her customer’s requests. This was what she shared yesterday.”

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One Way To Dress For Your Birthday - Babies

One Way To Dress For Your Birthday

“Celebrating my son’s first birthday…”

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