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15 Celebrity Doppelgängers

15 Celebrity Doppelgängers - Awkward Galleries

Has anyone ever told you….?

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Meet The Mansons

marilyn manson and dad

Marilyn Manson and father pose for pics with photographer Terry Richardson. What can possibly go awkward?

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Vince Vaughn & Co-Stars Pose For Awkward Photos

vince vaughn stock photos

Stock photos have a bad rap. They’re campy and cheesy and the butt of plenty of jokes. Enter the new Vince Vaughn movie Unfinished Business, which comes out Friday. Twentieth Century Fox has teamed up with iStock by Getty Images to create a set of stock photos featuring Vaughn along with co-stars Tom Wilkinson, Dave Franco and others.

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Frozen Fever

funny frozen picture

According to USA Today, an Awkward Family Photos inspired portrait hangs on the wall in a new Frozen short in theaters March 13th.

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Yeah Yeah Yeah

funny 80s picture, the flaming lips

“This is a photo of me (front left), my little brother (front right), my older sister and her older boyfriend taken in her bedroom sometime in summer 1984. I know the era because of the Van Halen posters on the wall and the RUSH pins on my shirt. I don’t remember why we posed for this picture- and I REALLY don’t know why my little brother and I look like we’re modeling for young punk magazine! It’s a strange little scene there. The Van Halen posters really crack me up.”

(submitted by Steve)

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