Sunshine And Rain

Sunshine And Rain - Christmas

We drove through a snow storm to get holiday portraits for the second year in a row. My son was wearing clothes that were one size too small and hand-me-downs, and my daughter was wearing a Christmas tree costume that I bought on clearance at Halloween time.”

(submitted by Jessica)

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Santa, Bring Me A New Family

Santa, Bring Me A New Family - Christmas

My youngest daughter made cootie catchers to put on all of our Christmas gifts. Maybe I’m not getting the hint?”

(submitted by Angela) 

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Minion For Life

Minion For Life - Christmas

“Our grandson got a new Minion costume for Christmas and refused to take it off even for family pictures.”

(submitted by Jenny)

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Disgruntled Angel

Disgruntled Angel - Christmas

“Here’s me circa 1978 dressed as an angel for the Christmas nativity. Clearly, I was not having it.”

(submitted by Suzanne Benet)

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Timer’s Up

Timer’s Up - Christmas

“We were trying to work the self timer for a family Christmas photo. The timer went off a little sooner than expected.”

(submitted by The Dickerson family)

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A Family Tradition

A Family Tradition - Behind The Awkwardness

“Every year my mom thinks of a theme and has my siblings dress up to go see Santa. This year was mischievous elves. My parents started doing foster care when I was in 3rd grade, that’s why there’s more kids in a couple pics. I think I was in 5th grade when my mom started the themes with Santa. She would have us go to the Santa in the Mall, which was extremely embarrassing some years, but now looking back its definitely one of my favorite memories. Once you turn 18 or move out, you don’t have to do it. The most recent on is of my brothers.”

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Why Dad Is Banned From Baking

Why Dad Is Banned From Baking - Christmas

“So my Dad made Christmas cookies…”

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